Connect through creativity

Create quality time crafting with your kids without the stress or prepwork!


What's this craft box for kids all about?

We craft, connect and create together!

Create memories together! Connect with your kids through creativity without the stress or prep work. Enjoy having prepared crafts at your fingertips!

Each box is themed with a story and has 2-3 prepared crafts. One box can be shared between 2 children. Photo directions and all materials included.

Choose your plan and subscribe today! We ship on the first of every month! Give as a gift or treat your kids. Quality family time delivered your door!

I have to have it! 

Month to Month

Renews on the 11th of each month. Cancel renewal at anytime.

3 Month Prepay

Renews on the 11th of month after term. Cancel renewal at anytime.

6 Month Prepay

Renews on the 11th of month after term. Cancel renewal at anytime.

12 Month Prepay

Renews on the 11th of month after term. Cancel renewal at anytime.

We Craft Box

We Craft Box is a monthly package delivered to the home with 2 to 3 prepared crafts. We cut out the stress and prep-work and enable busy parents to have quality time being creative with their kids. We provide an easy way for families to build and create memories together.

How it Works: We ship on the first of each month. Each month’s box is designed around holidays or the season. It has two to three prepared crafts with multiple blanks so parents or siblings can craft along. All materials needed are included in the box (with the exception of scissors).

We are all about connecting and sharing and encourage all our crafters to share their fun time crafting online. Each month we choose a winner who will receive a free box. It’s so much fun for families to see what everyone else has been creating together.

Crafters can sign up for a month-to-month, three-month, six-month or annual subscription that automatically renews. All plans can also be sent as a gift, that does not renew. A gifted subscription is delivered with a personalized message from the gifter. Our base price for a month-to-month subscription starts at $24.99 per month and includes free shipping. Our gifers love giving the gift of creativity, as it’s the gift that keeps on giving.    


My daughter LOVED her first box and I loved spending the time with her. I can't wait to receive the next one. She is so proud of her creation.


Our Story

As a full time working mom of two wild boys, like most parents Betsy Wild, Founder and CEO of We Craft Box wanted to spend as much quality time with her children as possible. Betsy has her BFA from Art Center College of Design and worked as a Creative Director for 10 years. Art is her passion, and such an important part of childhood. However, Betsy felt that planning, shopping and preparing for crafts in her spare time felt like a waste, and she would rather be spending that time with her children. Betsy kept thinking, “I wish I had a box of prepared crafts, that I, my husband, or even Grandmom could do with the boys. No need for shopping, planning or being creative… each project would be prepared with materials and directions (if you choose to follow them)”. 

We Craft Box was created to solve a problem for Betsy. Enabling her to connect with her children and be creative together in the easiest way. After talking to other parents, she realized that there was a need for this box, a need to cut out the leg work and have fun and creative moments at our fingertips!


I am so happy that I found this because it has made creating memories and crafts with my 3 kids a reality! All of the crafts are prepped and ready for us to create together! So many times I have found a pinterest project that I wanted to do with my family, but it never happened because of the time to shop for products and prep materials. This makes it possible to create adorable projects together! We could not recommend this enough!!


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We test crafts and and share our experiments using the materials from the monthly boxes. Please share your creations, and tag us - We love to connect and share our creations! 

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